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If you need help, contact a local domestic violence program or call a confidential domestic violence hotline.


What to Expect If You Call a Hotline/Helpline

  • Direct connection to a domestic violence program near you
  • Help finding resources in your area including safe shelter, advocacy, counseling, and legal assistance
  • Crisis assistance, emotional support, and safety planning
  • Access to hotline advocates in more than 200 languages through interpreter services
  • The National Domestic Violence Hotline website has additional information about what to expect when you contact them What to Expect NDVH

What to Expect if You Call a Domestic Violence Program

  • A caring listening ear. All programs have people who can listen and help you sort out options
  • Crisis services. Many programs offer 24-hour crisis services
  • Advocacy services. Most programs have specially trained advocates who can help with welfare, Child Protective Services, disability services, immigration, housing, employment protections, and more
  • Emergency shelter. Many programs offer shelter or safe homes. Some programs have longer term housing for survivors
  • Support groups. Some programs have groups for children, youth and adults
  • Legal advocacy. Most programs offer information about protection orders and other civil matters

What to Expect if You Call a Domestic Violence Legal Advocate

  • Services are free of charge
  • Legal advocates can offer a range of services that might include:
    • Accompanying you to court
    • Helping you fill out paperwork
    • Helping you understand the civil or criminal process
    • Outlining or prioritizing the legal options that are available
    • Informing you about what actually goes on in court
    • Preparing you for a hearing or trial, and giving support before, during and after
    • Referring you to low or no-cost lawyers
    • Legal advocates are not attorneys and can not give legal advice

Information excerpted from the Washington Coalition Against Domestic Violence (WSCADV).

Assistance for Immigrants

North West Immigrant Rights Project offers direct legal representation on immigration issues.

Legal Assistance

To learn about legal services available in your community, please contact your local domestic violence program or check out these legal services and self-help resources.